Atari Computers

For people over 30 years old, Atari invokes nostalgia for outstanding and groundbreaking computer games, along with the Atari computer itself. In the pre-PC era, the companies that produced games also produced their own computers.

Today, only Nintendo can claim this exclusivity, while XBOX and Playstation platforms may offer timed exclusives. For that time, Atari was considered to be a highly advanced gaming platform and gained worldwide popularity.

Founders Of Pong

However, Atari computers were not destined to last long. Atari developed their systems for 15 years across four series of systems: the 8-bit Atari 800, the 16-bit ST line, the 32-bit line, and the PC compatible systems which signalled the end of Atari’s venture into self-contained gaming platforms.

Although Atari will always be remembered for creating the iconic Pong game, which is now often taught in programmer’s beginner course, bad management decisions ensured its defeat and a victory for Nintendo.

What Is Atari Up To Now?

Of course, due to Atari’s legacy of being a giant corporation, it cannot truly disappear. They still have their own web domain, on which you can buy a modest selection of mobile games, slot sites, and video games including Pong. All of them are updated for modern technologies and smartphones. Without spending anything, you can visit their online arcade section, and experience the nostalgia all over again. The Missile Command and Combat are especially enjoyable.

Atari’s Lesson On Success

Atari started out as a legendary company, and its games and computers are still remembered with great fondness. Sadly, the managerial structure thought that this would go on forever. They did not recognize the competition as it emerged, nor did they recognize the changing trends in the gaming industry. Their initial success ossified them, thus preventing them to adapt and evolve