Every week I'm pleasantly surprised at how much beautiful type I stumble on over the course of a week. For instance, I discovered the 'Normand Cleaners' sign because Kelsey and I got lost on our way home from the Garden District. Or how I noticed super fun 'Snacks' brush lettering during a routine visit to one of my favorite coffee shops here in New Orleans called Solo. The 'Fuglen' card was pulled from an unpacked box we had been avoiding. The most surprising was the 'San Francisco' book cover that I stumbled on in a room full of yarn and knitting supplies in the attic of an antique shop on Magazine street.

I wanted to share all of this with you to say simply this, beauty turns up in the most unlikely of places. Posting to this blog on a regular basis has already opened my eyes a little wider and makes me appreciate my surroundings that much more.

Enjoy the inspiration — I hope it fuels your own creativity this week.

AuthorDrew Melton