Handsome Script: Behind the scenes

Behind every font that I make are hundreds of concept sketches, revisions and many hours spent digitally crafting my designs into a font that is beautiful, unique and useful. Handsome Script is the product my daily practice of drawing for 30 minutes each morning. I found myself going back to an elegant script repeatedly. One day I started to sketch an alphabet and from that point on I was hooked.


The images below are meant to illustrate the process I go through in developing a font. I wanted to show the sketches because I think their imperfects are really beautiful. They feel natural to me. Going through this project is important for me creatively. I feel like I think clearer with a pencil over a computer. This hand craft is what makes the final font design so special and unique.

Features Include

  • Uppercase
  • Lowercase
  • Numbers 
  • European Accents
  • Select punctuation marks
  • Special illustrative glyphs
  • OTF file 
  • Designed by Drew Melton

Pro Tip! 
If you'd like to access the full glyphs palette check out this tutorial.
Also learn how to turn Ligatures on and off.

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